Earth moving vehicles

Truck assembly instructions

Truck revolving
  1. Wheels
  2. Cab
  3. Chassis
  4. Truck tip
  5. Spacer tubes
  6. Final assembly

Wheel animation

Exploded view

01 Glue 9 discs crossing the wave direction.

Glued wheels

02 Repeat for all 4 wheels.

Paint wheels

03 Paint red.

Finished wheels

04 The finished wheels.

Cab animation

Exploded view

01 Glue the cab.

Paint the cab
02 Paint the cab blue and the front lamps yellow.

The finished cab

03 The finished cab.

Chassis animation

Exploded view

01 Assemble the chassis as shown below.

Glue L, H and I
02 First glue L, H
and I.

Plosition G

03 Position axles on L and I to correctly place G.

Glue F
04 Glue F.

Paint the chassis

05 Paint blue.

The finished chassis
06 The finished chassis.
Tipping body

Tipping body animation

Exploded view
01 Detail external surfaces as suggested in 11 and 12.

Fold U
as shown in 13 and 14.

Glueing truck tip
02 Glue U to sideboards S and T.

Paint truck tip

03 Paint truck tip yellow.

The finished truck tip
04 The finished truck tip.
Spacer tubes

Spacer tubes animation

Roll up M and N
01 Roll M and N up around a wheel axle and paint red.

The finished spacer tube
02 The finished spacer tube.

Wheel axles
03 Prepare two wheel
axles Ø 12 x 220 mm.
Final assembly

Exploded view
Finally, assemble all parts in this way.

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