Tools and materials

Suggested tools and materials

Tools and materials needed

1 - Jig-saw
2 - Steel ruler
3 - Scissors
4 - Cutting knife
5 - Punch
6 - Pencil
7 - Removable spray glue
8 - Masking tape
9   - Vinyl glue
10 - Sand paper
11 - Paints: blue, red and yellow
12 - Brushes
13 - Rubber bands
14 - Rod
15 - Corrugated cardboard

1 Jig-saw:
This allow you to easily cut the cardboard; It's essential for curved cuts.

2 Steel ruler:
A ruler made out of steel is better so that the cutting knife can't damage it.

3 Scissors:
To cut paper templates and rough out the cardboard.

4 Cutting knife:
It cuts the cardboard easily; Used with the ruler it's essential to make straight cuts.

5 Punch:
This allow you to make holes in the cardboard.

6 Pencil:
It's better to use a soft one (2B) to write each identity letter on the cardboard.

7 Removable spray glue:
Make sure to use the removable and not the long-lasting type to allow you to peel the template off from the cardboard after cutting the pieces.

8 Masking tape:
Masking tape is preferable to sticky tape because it doesn't tear the cardboard when you remove it. It's essential to keep pieces tied while glue is drying.

9 Vinyl glue:
The fast drying type is better to speed up the assembly.

10 Sand paper:
We suggest the n. 80 grain (medium) to perfect curved cuts.

11 Paint:
Any kind of paint is fine but acrylics are preferred: they coat well, thin with water, and once dried they don't mark even if handled with wet hands. Choose non-toxic acrylics

12 Brushes:
A small one is needed for the inner details, and a larger one for wide surfaces.

13 Rubber bands:
This allow you to keep pieces tied up while glue is drying, especially suited for the steam roller's cylinder.

14 Rod:
Used to make vehicle axels, must be 12 mm diameter, it can be any material, better if wood.

15 Cardboard:
Warning!! All the toys are made with double wave corrugated cardboard 6,5 - 7 mm thickness. Using cardboard of a different thickness can compromise functioning especially for movable parts and joints.

Any packing boxes are fine to make these toys. They can be found without difficulty, in large quantities in supermarkets and department stores. Big boxes are also found in bicycle and electrical household appliance stores.

Double wave corrugated cardboard section Double wave corrugated cardboard section.

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